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Homeopathy Sessions

Homeopathy Sessions

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a sytstem of  holistic and natural treatment method that has been used over 200years and is based on like cures like. In this treatment totaly natural, herbal, animal and mineral products used by a proces of homeopathic dilution.  This products called remedy or medicine and they are mostly in submolecular level prepared in standardized doses. It is a very trustable treatment at every age for many different disiases without any side effect. It is possible to cure any kind of physical, emotional and mental diseases, such as: asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, colitis, gastritis, headaches, anxiety, depression.

Only through the last few years it became known in our country even though it very commonly in use in developed countries and all over the World.


Please book by email: do-um@do-um.com

First session takes 2-3 hours for adults and 1 hour for kids, we suggest you schedule your time accordingly. Control and follow-up sessions take 1/2 hour. 



About Rikkat Koçak

Rikkat is a medical doktor gratuated from Hacattepe Medical School in 1973. She worked at Çukurova Medical School for many years until she has been retired from Professor of  internal medicine. She is enamored of Homeopathy and trained and sertified through Istanbul Homeopathy Assosiation in 2010. She still continues her trainings and work with foreign teachers in all over the World and sees patients. After all she call herself as a healer.


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