"When I got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to live this experience in the most natural way. But this is not as simple as it sounds, especially in a world where birth has become to be more like a medical operation than a natural procedure. I needed someone to guide me through this amazing adventure. I was disappointed to discover that there are practically no midwives following pregnancies and labours in Turkey. Fortunately, a friend told me about Do-um. I spoke about it with my doctor, who encouraged me to join their classes. He agreed that I should be as much prepared as possible.

At the beginning, what I was looking for was just a breathing technique to deal with the pains. This is what I had in mind concerning birth preparation courses. When my husband and I joind Do-um we discovered there was much more we ignored! We were happily surprised to find ourselves surrounded by serious and caring professionals who provided us with important information about all aspects of pregnancy and birth. They helped us to become fully aware parents-to-be and ready to deal with the miracle of life and we are greatful for this. I would also like to stress the importance of these courses particularly for my husband, who became the most motivated and involved partner, ready to support me all through the labour. Do-um helped us to become a team, which is extremely important. When the moment came, I felt ready. I went to the hospital with great excitement but without stress. And I did it!" 


"“What is the birth/delivery environment like? Other than the commonly known epidural, what other medical procedures or interventions are applied generally? Do fathers-to-be get to cut the umbilical cord?
” As a mother-to-be, these questions came to my mind about the impending birth of my child. Coupled with being an expatriate living in Istanbul with no knowledge of the birthing practices or preferences here, more questions popped into my mind during my pregnancy.  While most of these questions can be researched online these days, I still felt it would be advantageous to attend some local birthing seminars and to consult with local birthing resources.  Most hospitals, at least at the one that I had planned to give birth in, offer birthing classes however, I had wanted to attend one that is not affiliated to any hospital in order to get independent advice about natural childbirth and the overall birthing process. 

DOUM caught my attention when I was reading an article about natural childbirth in Turkey. The article peaked my interest in learning more about the philosophies behind DOUM.
  DOUM’s internet site contains many useful resources from information on yoga classes to pointers on what to consider during childbirth.  In addition, DOUM is the only organization where I could find birthing classes conducted in English and catered to foreigners and locals alike.  The course offering appeared to be customized exactly to my needs.  Nur and Basak, the co-owners of DOUM were also very friendly when i first contacted them about their course offering.   

In the 4 part course that I had attended, Nur and Basak ensured that we had an open forum to discuss anything that came to our minds about natural childbirth.
  They encouraged us to ask questions about Turkish birthing practices and reminded us to feel empowered to make our own decisions on how we want our birthplan to be like.  They also shared with us the various generally considered compulsory versus elective medical interventions during births. Breathing techniques were also shared and practiced in the group.   The atmosphere of the classes as led by Nur and Basak made it very comfortable for us to share our concerns and ask our questions.  It is because of the information that I learnt from DOUM that I was able to mainly enjoy the birthing process of my daughter Selin.  The breathing techniques certainly helped and just knowing what to expect during labour and delivery was a big plus for my husband and I."


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